Doing hard things

Intensity.  If you’ve been in a class, bootcamp or personal training session with me you have heard me talk about it and urge you to find it!

I don’t know what it is that makes some people afraid of intensity and others invigorated by it.  This I do know… if you don’t learn to harness and control your intensity levels you will miss out on some of the best workout moments you could ever have!

We expect intensity when we watch movies.  We expect it when we listen to music. We expect it when we listen to people talk about what is important.  I think our lives CRAVE intensity.  It’s like the real working of whatever muscle we are trying to use.  Can you get results half-assing your workouts? Yes.  Will you be proud of the end results.  Quite possibly.  So what’s the big deal?

You.  That’s the big deal.  How far in life do you want to go without drinking deeply, singing loudly, standing proudly and defending passionately?  Probably not very far.  Even if you are an introvert… you still want excellence. Our computer programs, our meals or toys… all require a certain sort of intensity in their production.  It’s the squeezing that last bit of oomph out of a thing (no matter who is looking). This isn’t about showing off or being noticed, this is about calling out what is deep inside you.

For many years I was depressed. Clinically.  Medicated. Dull and somewhat hopeless.  It was like looking at the world through a film or a cloud. I wondered if people could SEE the foggy film that separated them from the real me? My accomplishments were waking up, making it through the day and falling asleep.

Enter intensity.  With each moment my goal is to get the MOST out of it I can.  (Even if that is a resting moment – I rest WELL)  When working out I want to take my metabolism and my muscles to a place of stress.  Stress is where growth comes from.  Where I am not sure if I WILL be able to breathe during the next boxing set.  Or if my legs WILL hold up for the next set of squats. When my muscles get little micro-tears, when my lungs push all the way to their capacity, when my body learns to adapt to new stresses…I grow.

THAT is what we are looking for, growth.  Not cloudy, filmy hiding from our lives.  As unhealthy as this sounds, I used to use my many layers of fat as a buffer, protecting me from my potential, from people seeing that I DO have a chance but I am not taking it.  Another milky film to look thru and hide behind.  My guess is you don’t want that.  My guess is you want your body to move the way it’s intended until you don’t need it anymore.

Intensity.  Find it. Push yourself. You may be amazed at what you can do.  I am.

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