Stop. just stop.

Let’s just say it… we want fitness to be easy.

“Just tell me how many of these I need to do to get in shape”

“How much should I eat to lose weight?”

OK.  That was the diplomatic opening.

The ‘sassy mouth’ opening looks more like this: We are a lazy and blissfully ignorant people.  

I say blissfully because ignorance is something most people actually CHOOSE. Yes.  You choose it.  Most of you.  There are places in the world where information is not readily available. There are learning disabilities that make getting good information nearly impossible.  But for most of us.  It’s out there, we just prefer a quick fix, a magic bullet, a super pill – or shake, and then we want to be on our way.

Stop.  just stop.

Your body is a machine. A machine comprised of gooey and dense and hard stuff that is designed to all work together.  Take that complexity and add emotion, triggers, learned habits and the chaos of everyday life and you have a crazy soup of intangible ‘stuff’.  So what really makes you think that there IS a quick fix?  A pill or shake or a certain number of sets or reps or a “TOP 10 MOVES TO GET THE ULTIMATE BODY”.

Stop.  Just stop.

Let’s just start preparing ourselves for a lifelong plan to stay moving, listening to our bodies, feeding ourselves according to the output of energy. Let’s put an emphasis on learning, growing and changing when appropriate.  Let’s not hold on to our fitness ideas too tightly.  Science discovers new things all the time.  Trends come and go.  Let’s calm down AND get riled up!

Stop with the quick fixes and GO! with the rest of your moving life.

today is the day

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