Are you wasting your time working out?

Just this: Don’t waste your time working in bad form.

I teach a core class at a couple different facilities and after one class a client approached me and asked, “Hey, are you and that other lady on the same page?!”  Always eager to learn, I assumed I had done something wrong and was anxious to hear how I could improve.  When i asked her to explain she said, “Well, that other lady told us we could hover with our butts in the air if we weren’t strong enough to hover with good form.”  If you know me, you know my pokerface is sometimes lacking – that’s the exchange for genuineness.  I audibly gasped.  Ooops. Then I smiled.

I asked them all to hover with me, butts high in the air, taking note of what muscles are stressed in that position.  Arms, shoulders, calves….  I asked about core muscles, but nope, they weren’t feeling it.  Then we lowered into a good flat hover, elbows under shoulders, belly braced, neck and spine lengthened, glutes squeezed – of course they felt their core muscles working.  The problem? “How the HECK do you hold that as long as the instructor is asking?!”

Answer:  If you can’t, you don’t.  You only have what you have today.  When you can no longer hover on your toes in good form, lower your knees. When you can no longer hover on your knees in good form lower your body to the floor, rest and then come back in for as long as your good form lasts.  Repeat.  THIS is how you build strength in a specific muscle group.  Find that group and work it as best you can, rest and come back to it!

IMPORTANT: Please don’t be intimidated by “good form”. Do your best. Keep an open, learning attitude.  Focus on continuous growth.  Don’t stay away because you are worried you won’t do it perfectly, we’ll all get there together.  K?

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