Big butts and lies

…and other examples of reverse body shaming.  Remember this? “I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie….” I hated that song. Not because it was obviously bad music, but because I don’t have a BIG BUTT. I, much to my dismay, have straight hips and a smallish butt.

I remember the day my trainer told me I needed to get out of my ‘flat-butt-mom-jeans” and into something better fitting.  I felt like a MILLION dollars!  Did I have something that would make it to the top of the charts (Cue: “All About that Bass”)? Nope. Baby ain’t got back.

Here’s what really sucks.  Growing up, I was teased about the size of my chest.  Really!?  Too much then, not enough now.  Can’t a girl catch a break?! Even after losing 7 (SEVEN) inches in the bust, I am still pretty amply endowed- and believe me, there are all sorts of opinions about that too.  ugh.

Now, after losing 75lbs I still have no visible 6-pack and rather than nice tight triceps to go with my amazing, but still somewhat hidden guns, I have pretty white, flappy wings. EVERYTHING is wrong with my body.

Who decides what body parts are in fashion and what aren’t?  And more importantly, Why?  These parts exist – no matter what.  Are they functioning the way you need?  Yes?  Then let’s just all be happy with what we have and grateful it functions well! No? Can you fix it?  Do your best to do so and then be happy with what you have and grateful it functions as well as it does.

Reverse Body Shaming:  I have “XYZ” and it’s beautiful, you don’t and so you are not.  “Tell them skinny bitches that…” and “nah, I’m just playin'” – oh, but are you? 😉

Here’s a playlist for you big booty lovers…. I found it for reference material so, what the hell.

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