Fuck Yeah!

THIS is my day.

2015-08-23 13.18.42

It’s Sunday  – the day formerly known as ‘Holy Horizontal Day’. Before gym ownership came into my life I made my living teaching 14 classes a week and conducting 12-14 personal training sessions a week, with sometimes 1 hour commute to and from.  With travel I worked 15 hour days at least 2-3 days a week.  Granted sometimes a 2 hour break midday meant I was napping in the parking lot in my car! A good number of those classes were also MY workouts. Training sessions involve demonstrating (LOTS) and re-racking client’s and regular gym users’ 45lb plates  ALL DAY.  Whew!  I am tired thinking about it. So I invoked Holy Horizontal Day, where my goal was to lay flat ALL DAY (minus potty breaks and meal making).  I needed it. Mentally and physically.

Since purchasing Center-Fit Kettlebell Club in Montgomery, Il., I have ceased needing THAT kind of rest.  It’s a new ball game now!  (No, it’s kettleBELLS not kettleBALLS).  Here’s what gym ownership looks like today.

  1. Sleep in till 8:30am
  2. Eat breakfast on patio
  3. Teach Guy how to use dropbox, find his passwords, find dropbox, print with air printer from iPhone…
  4. Head to gym to work on new website, back office ‘stuff’ and plan workouts for the week
  5. Meet Kris, Megan and kids at Center-Fit to hook up sound system
  6. Hook up system, get it wrong, try again, get it wrong, try again, mount speakers, tie wires (actually..just ‘help’ KRIS)
  7. Train Damien on sound system
  8. Type instructions for sound system for other instructors
  9. Bump into Melissa who came to clean
  10. Find trash bags I put in new place
  11. Help Damien with sound system
  12. Dump stuff on my desk
  13. Take picture of said desk
  14. Write blog post to the sound of Damien and Melissa now doing their own work outs to EXTRA LOUD music with the garage door open, sun shining, breeze blowing

Today is AGAIN the best day of my life.  By the time I leave I will have fixed several problems, found new ones and started lists of problems to fix, systems to create or things to finish for tomorrow and the rest of the week. My Desk will be cleared so I can mess it up again another day.

Fuck yeah!

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